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Tujunga, California

Tujunga is an outlying area of Los Angeles that abuts Glendale and La Crescenta. In the northeastern section of the city, near the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, Tujunga contains the highest point in the city of Los Angeles as well as several major regional parks. The neighborhood retains a semi-rural character, and most Tujunga houses sit on large lots with vegetated out-parcels, especially in the elevated parts of the district around Mount Lukens. 

History of Tujunga

Tujunga Houses
In fact, the first developers of Tujunga real estate subdivided the area into 1.5-acre lots just before its official incorporation as a city in 1925. Although the new city initially made moves to increase the size of its land-holdings, the superior size and negotiating prowess of the nearby city of Los Angeles made this difficult, and Tujunga's citizens eventully agreed to integrate into the growing metropolis in 1932. With new investments in infrastructure and the construction of multiple area freeways, the number of Tujunga homes for sale exploded during the mid-20th century. 

Unique Tujunga Houses

Mindful of the fact that the area had once been an independent city, however, the Los Angeles city government maintained a hands-off approach to the area that included liberal zoning policies. Today, some Tujunga real estate parcels are still zoned for agricultural use, a rarity within the Los Angeles city limits. Local residents also value the affordable array of Tujunga houses that have in recent years been converted into residential income properties and rentals to serve an increasingly mobile population. Older four-bedroom farmhouses and three-bath street-side ramblers present the perfect opportunity for conversions and usually pay for themselves in less time than a typical Los Angeles rental property.

Educational System of Tujunga

For families with children, Tujunga homes present a rare opportunity to enjoy aTujunga Real Estate rustic lifestyle without sacrificing ease of access to one of the most vibrant urban areas in the world. Part of the Los Angeles Unified School District, the area's schools are known for their small class sizes and advanced curricula. Multiple area elementary schools combine to feed students into Verdugo Hills High School, which is unique among LAUSD schools for its use of the Copernican Block Schedule, an intensive program in which students take three 90-minute classes per day and each course lasts ten weeks. Tujunga real estate owners with enrolled children rave about the system, which has produced above-average rates of high-school graduation and college acceptance for several years running.

Life in Tujunga

The area's parks system is a major contributor to Tujunga's high quality of life. Several streets' worth of Tujunga homes border on Haines Canyon Park, which remains an undeveloped, semi-wild space some one hundred years after development began in the area. Howard Finn Park, a more civilized space near the Sunland-Tujunga Recreation Center, forms a picturesque backdrop for a number of historic Tujunga houses. Just outside L.A.'s city limits lie numerous other recreational opportunities in the foothills and San Gabriel Mountains. Call or e-mail today to learn about these beautiful outdoor spaces and countless other benefits that come with owning Tujunga real estate!

Ann McLaughlin
Ann McLaughlin