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Sunland, California

Located in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles near the city's northeastern border, Sunland is one of the affluent, semi-rural communities that make Los Angeles unique among the nation's major cities. Sunland property has retained its rustic charm since its incorporation as an independent city in the early 1920s and subsequent annexation by nearby L.A. in 1926. In fact, the area was initially founded as an agricultural center in the 1880s, famous for its extensive oliveLife in Sunland CA Property groves. 

Sunland Homes

The first Sunland homes were farmhouses on these large parcels. Many of these structures remain largely unaltered over a century later, although in recent years it has become common practice for enterprising individuals looking for residential income property to fix them up to create multi-unit rentals. Although the area is known for its slower pace of life and stable social structure, recent years have seen a growing number of Sunland houses turned into residential income properties for the benefit of a growing class of mobile young people who come to the area to work at the technology and education companies that drive the economy of the San Gabriel foothills.

Why Sunland?

Today, Sunland is known as an affluent community. Its median income and college education levels are both above-average for the city of Los Angeles. Despite this, Sunland houses are more affordable per square foot than homes in other San Fernando Valley districts. On the other hand, Sunland property buyers do pay a premium for the land on which these homes sit because the area contains much of L.A.'s remaining developable land. 
Sunland Homes for Sale
As in neighboring Tujunga, some larger Sunland homes feature 1.5-acre parcels with semi-wild patches of vegetation, a rare sight within the city limits of Los Angeles. Shadow Hills, a semi-autonomous foothill neighborhood carved out of prime Sunland property, is even more rustic in nature: The district boasts a number of working horse farms and until recently was a major citrus-producing area.

For families considering buying one of the dozens of Sunland homes for sale at any given time, the district's schools are of paramount importance. Although Sunland is served by the Los Angeles Unified School District, which is known primarily for its enormous enrollment across thousands of individual schools, its educational institutions maintain small class sizes and an academically-challenging atmosphere reminiscent of selective post-secondary institutions. 

Education in Sunland CA

Verdugo Hills High School, the primary public high school serving Sunland, holds classes according to an innovative Copernican Block Schedule that schedules students in ten-week blocks of three 90-minute classes. While this effectively shortens the school day, it has been proven to increase test scores, gradation rates and even college acceptance figures. Meanwhile, families looking to purchase Sunland houses but unsure of how their children might fit in at a major public high school should be happy to learn that both Village Christian Schools and Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Schools are praised statewide for their competitive curricula. 

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Ann McLaughlin
Ann McLaughlin